Information Technology (IT)

IT News

Heise News The most visited IT News platform in Germany. Some of their articles are in English. 
The Register IT News out of the UK. 
AppleInsider News page of Apple products. News and Rumors about Apple. The Unofficial Apple Weblog. 

Network Technology - Layer 2

MAC address range IEEE page for MAC address range registration. It is possible here to research which MAC address range belongs to which company. 

Network Technology - IPv6

MIPv6 IETF Working Group  
Howto for IPv6 on Linux  
MIPL The major mobile IP implementation for Linux. 

Network Technology - Application

Validome Validation of HTML, XHTML, WML and XML Syntax. 


POSIX Thread Instruction for Multi-Thread programming with POSIX Threads. 
Bash Shell Script Instruction A detailed instruction for the Bash Script programming with many examples. 
Automake Instruction Detailed instructions how to use the Automake-Framework.