Evaluation and implementation of routing algorithms for a mobile ad hoc network


A mobile ad hoc network (manet) is a network with autonomous moveable nodes. Due to this mobility the network will change frequently, so the paths between the nodes have to be updated very often. In comparison to wired networks the bandwidth of a wireless network is lower, therefore the traffic caused by network administration has to be kept low in spite of the high update rate. For that reason it is necessary to design an adapted routing protocol for a manet.

There are many routing protocols for a manet available. In this work I will introduce the most interesting ones and display their differences. Out of this group the routing algorithms DSDV, AODV, DSR and TORA will be simulated at the free network simulation program NS V2 and the results will be discussed.

Finaly will be examined which manet routing protocol would be the best in use on the research and experimenting robot Khepera and the possibility of realizing on it.