Asthma Diary

One of the reasons to choose a palm was a program to manage the peak flow meter values on the Palm. According to this I was quite disappointed when I realised, that the program was not able to make a graphical presentation of the values. Just for the collection I don't need a program, because for that a piece of paper would be enough.

Luckily I found the program WeightDiary (at that time version 1.3) from Steffen Hartmann. It is able to show a graph about the measured weight. Since the program is published under the GNU GPL, the source code is freely available. After a short evaluation of the source code it seemed to me, that an adaptation to peak flow meter values is not too expendable.

At this place I like to say thank you to Steffen Hartmann for the publishing of the source code of WeightDiary. Without his program the AsthmaDiary wouldn't exist.

A first version, which was at least able to collect values, was already done in March 2004. During the year I was adapting the program step by step and expanding the AsthmaDiary with the PeriGraph.

The result of my work is now available here (and of course under the GNU GPL). I hope publishing of this program could be helpful for some of you.